Saturday, 10 October 2015

The one with the facts about me...

10th October 2015 - Worldwide Mental Health day.

Hey Everybody,

As this is my first ever blog post I thought I would tell you some facts about me and what I do in my spare time, so this could be a really short blog post as I am not very interesting.

So where to start, there isn't really much to say about me, I don't really participate in anything and I would prefer to do nothing with my day except eat, sleep and watch Netflix. I live in the Midlands in the UK - which really isn't very cool and there really isn't anything surrounding me for miles that could be classed as remotely insightful to the ways in which British beings socialise and express themselves, except for the dingy park up the road. Living in the midlands means that people from the north believe I am southern and the southerners believe I am Northern- its just great.

I am 16 years old and my birthday is in May, this means that the majority of people in my year are older than me and will inevitably be able to drive before me, this also means that they can drive me to McDonalds whenever I ask them so there is a bonus side to that problem. I have just started college, I am doing the Early Years BTEC course on level three as I passed all my GCSE's. GCSE's literally killed me and I just could not carry on with the pressure my old school put me under, so I stuck two fingers up and left which is very weird for me as I am usually terrible for change.

There isn't really a reason why I have started this blog, I guess I just believe that this may be able to help me release some stress and help me calm down on bad days. I suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks so hopefully writing this blog will not only help me as I go through this but it will also help others who are going through the same thing. I have only recently decided I need to get help and I am so glad I decided to go, I probably will write a full blog post on this topic later on if this blog takes off.

banksy-dreams_00349040 I am a big fan of the artist Banksy and I thoroughly enjoy look and observing his works, I believe they really help express the other side of the world which everyone tries to cover, whilst being cleverly though out. This is one of the pieces I absolutely love and I think it relates to a lot of us as we are always told our dreams cant be reached.

I am also I big fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, my favourite member is Michael and I just can imagine us getting along so well, I just want to have a normal conversation with him. I love their style of music and they way they actually want to focus on real life problems such as mental health and upbringings, For me music must have a meaning behind it and I think they have such as great way of expressing it.

Well that is all I can really say about me not, but yeah I hope you enjoyed reading this and want me to continue.
Much Love,